Beard Implants

Hair loss is not the only condition covered by these techniques. Hair follicle implants for the beard are becoming ever more frequent. Now, it is trendy to have beard, mustache, or a 5 o´clock shadow beard, and beard implants have become extremely popular mostly because men have realized they can have natural results and become from a bald man to an “interesting” bearded man.

This procedure is also done to camouflage face burns, acne scars, birth defects or sequels left behind by accidents.

To do this type of procedure we only utilize the FUE technique because it allows us to extract finer and thinner grafts that can be implanted closer to each other to have a natural result; also, the incisions are less visible.

Procedure and Recovery

Hair loss solutions are relatively easy. Depending on the patient´s selection, the surgery can be done either with an oral sedative or local anesthesia. Both the procedure and the recovery process are painless. The procedure normally last between four and five hours. After the procedure, and for the 5 next days, the area must be kept completely dry; small crusts form around each transplanted hair. As early as on the second day, patients can return home and continue their normal routine. Results, however, will start to show until the third or fourth day. After about 2 weeks after the procedure, the hairs will fall out. And finally, hairs will continue to grow for a lifetime after a three month period.


If the patient is travelling nationally, he could travel again until the third day. However if the patient is travelling internationally exclusively for this procedure, it is recommended he travel on the fourth day. During his stay in Bogota, he will have two post operatory controls and after a week we will talk via Skype (J-gil79) or via email (xxx@xxxxx.x) during the first recovery month.


This package includes:

  • Implant using the FUE technique
  • Pre-surgery consultation with the hair doctor
  • Laboratory exams directly in your domicile*
  • Post operatory medicines
  • Post operatory insurance**
  • Transportation from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the airport.


If the patient lacks or has very little beard, in only one session we can complete the goatee area and improve the shape of the sideburns. For a patient who wishes a full beard, two sessions will be required. Sessions can be done two days apart, and you would only need to be in Bogota a pair of days longer.

*The laboratory exams in your domicile are only performed within Bogota´s urban area. Please keep that in mind when selecting your hotel.

** The post operatory insurance covers complications derived from the surgery for up to 30 days of recovery, up to USD 4450.

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