Comparing Hair Transplantation Methods

FUE vs. FUT hair transplants

There are different techniques to counter hair loss. Following, you will find some of the differences, advantages, and disadvantages the hair transplant techniques have. Keep in mind that the decision of using one of the techniques will depend upon many factors including the previous consultation with the plastic surgeon.

Advantages of FUE (Vs. FUT)

There will not be a linear scar in the donor area. In case the patient likes to use a very short haircut, scars may not be apparent.

Decreased donor area healing time. It takes less healing time for FUE hair loss technique patients than for FUT-strip patients due to the nature of the incisions.

Reduced discomfort in the donor area during post operatory. Basically, there will be almost no discomfort after the surgery with FUE.

This procedure is more beneficial when patients are more prompt to donor area scarring Some patients such as athletes, and young patients are more prompt to scarring; as well as those with very loose/tight scalps.

You can have two consecutive sessions If you need two consecutive hair implant sessions to cover all the region affected by hair loss, with the FUE technique it is possible to do it only after 2 or 3 recovery days. On the contrary, with the FUT technique you must wait at least three months.

General Advantages of FUE

Useful to cover scars left by other procedures (like FUT) that cannot be removed. When the scalp is too tight for a FUT incision, this technique provides another option.

FUE procedures can be useful when the scalp does not have enough elasticity for another type of procedure such as FUT.


Follicular units of high quality. Compared to hair loss solution FUE, follicular grafts are taken from a smaller donor zone. This insures that the donor area is where the hair is of the highest quality, improving the results of the grafts. Being the area larger in FUE, the follicles may come from the top or bottom regions, where hair is not as permanent, and graft made with these material may not be as effective overtime.

Greater quality grafts Lesser degree of damage to grafts, or follicular transection compared to FUE. Resulting in greater graft quality.

The number of scars with FUE increases with each session Damage to scalp tissue is incremental with each FUE session, making it more difficult to find donor tissue without scarring and distortion. On the contrary, the scars with FUT are completely removed and even if the scar maybe longer with consecutive procedures, there is only one scar left at the end.

With large FUE hair loss solution sessions there is the need to shave the complete donor area. This may prove to be an inconvenience for the patient, since in order to cover the small holes it could take from 10 to 15 days until the hair grows again.

Hair implant cost. Being a less time consuming procedure, FUT is usually more inexpensive than FUE.

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