Dr. Julio Gil

Who is Dr. Julio Gil?

Dr. Julio Gil, a plastic surgeon with a trajectory of more than sixteen years providing patients, suffering from hair loss, with safety, ethics, and quality in esthetic surgery and hair restoration procedures.

After graduating as Medical Doctor from the Rosario University and once he finished his internship, hair doctor Julio Gil, started a path that would take him to become one of the most recognized surgeons in the country. He travelled to Spain and at the “Hospital de la Fe” he completed his graduate studies in general surgery. Then, he travelled to Mexico to specialize in esthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery at the institute for reconstructive surgery of Jalisco.

Returning to Colombia, he started his professional practice and became professor at the university hospital “Clinica San Rafael” and associated professor at the university Juan N. Corpas. This experience gave him the possibility of finding himself deeply involved with his scientific vocation as well as being in touch with the latest advances in plastic surgery and hair implant.

A renowned hair doctor, Dr. Julio Gil has been a member of the SCCP: Colombian society of plastic surgery for more than twelve years and he is also a member of FILACP: Spanish and Latin-American federation of plastic surgery. His clinic, specialized in capillary implant is overseen by the Health Superintendence of Colombia, the most important health regulatory entity In Colombia.


Javier Díaz
Surgical instrumentation

“I give the best of me with every surgery”

Javier has been a surgical instrumentation assistant with Dr. Gil for more than 10 years, working with patients suffering of hair loss. During the last five he has specialized exclusively in hair implants. Besides being present during the implantation procedures, he is also in charge of accompanying Dr. Gil during the post operatory controls.

Sandra Díaz
Surgical Instrumentation

“My career is all about capillary implants, it is my passion”

Sandra is a surgical instrumentation assistant and has always worked on hair restoration surgery, for the last eight years she has been working with Dr. Gil. Su role in surgery consist of implanting grafts according to the design the hair doctor, Dr. Gil, has previously done for the patient.

Clara Claro
Technical Team

“Seeing our patients with hair after the implantation makes me proud”

Clara has been part of Dr. Gil´s team for 8 years, providing hair loss solutions for a variety of patients. She helps with the special loops, she is in charge of cutting the grafts in the strip technique (FUT) and perfect the grafts of the implants with the FUE technique.

Andrea Galvis
Technical Team

“I love our working team, I love what we do, and going into surgery is the best part of the day”

Andrea is a nurse and she has more than 5 years’ experience cutting grafts for hair implants, during the last two years she has worked with the hair doctor, Dr. Julio Gil and now she is a fundamental part of the surgery team.

Jinna Bernal

“I try every day to make our patients feel at home”

Jinna is the hair doctor´s assistant in charge of helping all patients with their surgery scheduling and arranging all their travel needs to come to Colombia. She is a charismatic and committed person to her job.

Jairo Díaz

“I explain people from all over the world why is it worth it to come to Colombia to have a hair implant”

Jairo Andres is the administrator of our center for hair restoration, he is in charge of providing our patients with the necessary information in Colombia and help them enjoy the recovery days they will spend in our country.

Jasleivi Mancera
Technical Team

“I carry out my work every day with dedication and affection, committed to giving the best result to our patients”

Jasleivi is a hair implant technician with more than 9 years’ experience with training in cutting, sorting and sowing of grafts. He is part of Dr. Gil’s hair implant surgery team for his responsibility and commitment.

Leidy Castañeda

“I enjoy being able to inform all people through social networks of everything related to the procedures performed by Dr. Gil”

Leidy is Chief of Communications of Dr. Gil and is in charge of publishing all the necessary information of the procedures in the social networks, besides reviewing the chat and the emails that arrive from the outside.