FUE Method (Follicular Unit Extraction)

Hair restoration using the FUE technique is an artistic and systematic distribution of the capillary follicles by graft implants (small insertions of scalp tissue) containing the so called “follicular units” (groups of 1, 2, or 3 capillary follicles just as they are arranged naturally).

These graft implants are obtained using local anesthesia from the posterior and/or lateral part of the head (areas called donor zones). After preparing them carefully under the microscope, they are implanted meticulously through micro incisions in the areas where hair loss has occurred and would have evolved to baldness (or receptor zones). The FUE technique (follicular unit extraction or “individual follicle extraction”), a baldness treatment, is considered as the most advanced capillary transplant technique.

Technique FUE for hair restoration step by step

1. To obtain the follicular units, it is necessary to clear the donor zone. That is why the posterior and lateral areas of the head are shaved. Once cleared, we mark the receptor zone, dividing it in different sectors that go from the frontal zone (first implant line), mid anterior zone, and posterior zone; depending of the characteristics of the receptor zone.

2. Afterwards, as the patient rests on the stretcher we anesthetize the donor area, using local anesthesia only in the area, affected by hair loss, where we are going to work.

3. For the extraction of the follicles we use the correct instrumentation, each of the follicles to be extracted comes from areas genetically programmed to remain in place, therefore the transplanted follicles will continue growing for life. This way, we select the follicular units from one follicle, two, three, or more depending of the patient´s own features.

4. Then, after extracting the micro inserts of scalp tissue, preparation and maintenance of the follicular units is key for the success of the hair implant.

5. Next comes the implantation of the follicular units, during this step Dr. Julio Gil, the hair doctor, demonstrates all his ability due to the great design he must have previously achieved, and to the arrangement of the follicles according to the number of hairs, growth direction, and inclination angle.

6. To finish this baldness treatment, once all the follicular units have been placed according to the receptor zone, we can say that the surgical process has been finalized.

Why Doctor Julio Gil?