FUSS – FUT Method (Follicular Unit Strip Surgery) for hair restoration

This technique to treat hair loss, developed and perfected by Dr. Gil, is based on the known “pulling technique”. This procedure, which is an ambulatory surgery, lasts approximately 4 or 5 hours and it is generally done under local anesthesia.

It consists of grafting the follicles obtained from the “donor” zone (posterior area of the head), by the hair doctor, BY EXTRACTING A THIN STRIP OF SCALP TISSUE, AND THEN IT IS DIVIDED WITH THE HELP OF A MICROSCOPE UNTIL OBTAINING THE DESIRED AMOUNT to be grafted in the bold areas. It is possible to graft between 2000 and 3000 follicle in an area affected by hair loss and the scar the FUT technique generates is little visible after a couple of months.


Dr. Gil, the hair doctor, uses the trichophytic closure technique which is used to make the scar caused by the extraction of the scalp strip, to be THE LEAST VISIBLE POSSIBLE. Thanks to this technique, the scar becomes very thin allowing hair growth through it, making it barely noticeable.

This completes the process in this baldness treatment techinique.

Post operatory

Hair restoration can be achieved with relatively minimal post operatory inconveniences. After the hair implant intervention, starts the post operatory or recovery process. The patient will have a bandage over the “donor” zone for a period of at least 12 hours. Twenty-four hours following the procedure, the hair can be washed normally every day, and 3 days after the procedure the patient can return to his/her daily routine. Only 4 or 5 days of medical leave are required and the stiches are removed 10 days after the intervention.

Final Result

With this procedure, in only six months you can get normal hair growth where, due to hair loss, you did not have it before. This marvelous procedure solves a condition that in no other way has a solution, and you will only need a small surgery that will end baldness forever.


1. In this baldness treatment techinique Dr. Julio Gil Antorveza removes a strip of scalp tissue from the donor zone, in this case THE POSTERIOR AREA of the head.

2. The hair doctor treats the donor Zone, generally during the recovery time, the scar where the incision was made is completely covered.

3. Dr. Julio Gil´s team extracts one by one the follicles with the help of a microscope, to begin implanting in the receptor zones where the patient needs them, areas affected by hair loss.

4. All the medical team works grafting the follicles, certifying that the hair distribution be similar in the donor and receptor zones, and that the implants put in the frontal area have a natural look.

Why Doctor Julio Gil?