Why balness treatment?

Why balness treatment?

Due to its permanent results and relatively simple procedure, hair restoration is considered by many the most effective option against hair loss. AND NOW IT IS AFFORDABLE.

Hair transplantation is an outpatient procedure that has been consolidated as the only option, which allows to recover hair after alopecia. It consists of taking healthy follicles from the back of the head to later micro-implant them on the affected areas. Physician and plastic surgeon Julio E. Gil Antorveza possesses the most innovative baldness treatment and revolutionary capillary transplant techniques, so that you don´t have to suffer the loss of your hair anymore. Hair restoration is now a possibility.

Depending on the type of hair loss and the size of the affected areas, several hair follicles are grafted to the scalp. The healthy follicle´s growth patterns are preserved and continue normally in the recipient area after the transplant.

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